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Things To Know Before Coming To Split, Croatia

Updated: Apr 22

Saint Domnius bell tower with clouds in the background

Fun Fact: Split, Croatia, was a city that the Roman Empire used to visit for vacation. Now, fast forward many years in 2024, it's a city where millions come to vacation. A few things have changed and are changing over time, so we decided to write a blog listing everything you should know before coming to Split, such as rules and tips! 


#1 - Split Is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Most people wouldn't know this, but the Old Town of Split is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and quite protected; at least the government tries its best. Rules can be complex to manage in the peak months when thousands of people enter and leave the city. Here is a list of some of the essential rules that are listed throughout the town and for which some tourists can be fined.

  1. All consumption of alcohol in public is prohibited - you are not allowed to drink in the streets of Split, and cops are patrolling the area, fining people all the time. 

  2. No urinating or puking anywhere in the Old Town - this is pretty self-explanatory. 

  3. No climbing or sitting on historical landmarks/monuments. 

  4. Sleeping in public parks, squares, and parking lots.

  5. No walking around in a bikini or shirtless. This is really frowned upon, and you will be told to cover up or be fined. 

#2 - Uber does work in Croatia

Some countries don't allow Uber, but it works perfectly fine in Croatia! It's straightforward to find Ubers outside of the palace walls. There are also plenty of taxis if, for some reason, your data or service isn't working. However, Uber Eats does not exist in Croatia. The app we use to order food is called Wolt. It works the way uber eats, just a different name!

#3 - There is a public bus from the airport to split, old town

If you've booked accommodation in Split, odds are it'll be in Split Old Town, which is about 30 minutes away from the airport. Ubers can be expensive, but luckily, there is a cheap and efficient option. For around 5€, you can hop on the airport transfer bus, which takes you directly to the bus station outside the palace walls. What's nice about this option is that it always runs quickly since it leaves once it's full, and most of your flight will be jumping on it.

#4 - Cash is King

Croatians love to use cash. Cash is the key everywhere, so make sure you have a little extra cash handy to use before coming. However, as tourism grows more and more, places are offering contactless payments. Even though some cafes and restaurants are keeping up with the times, it's still wise to keep a little cash on you at all times because nobody wants to be stranded.

#5 - Split is a great hub for ferries

There are many islands in Split, if you need help deciding which ones to visit check out our blog listing our top 4 favorites! Whichever islands you pick on the list or not, Split has a massive port. During the peak season, ferries are leaving every day, multiple times a day to all islands!

#6 - Split has some of the wildest boat parties

There are only a few places in the world that have boat parties, and there is even a smaller number of places that know how to throw a proper boat party. Split is one of those places that have an ample number of boat parties but there's one specific that throws the wildest and that's Out To Sea Split. If you're looking for a good time with a Blue Lagoon Swim Stop check out Split's largest boat party!

#7 - Sundays = Closed

When coming to Split be prepared for local holidays and Sundays. Foreigners will be surprised to find out there's a holiday almost every week during the summer (or so it feels like). A lot of restaurants, shops, and cafes will be closed or you might get lucky with a firework show on the Riva. On Sundays, most grocery stores will be closed or have reduced hours so anything you need like toilet paper make sure you buy it before Sunday!


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