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  • 1 – Changes & Cancellations:

    • 1.1 – Guests may cancel their ticket anytime after purchase;

    • 1.2 – Cancellation means giving up the originally booked space;

    • 1.3 – Guests may not attend the event unless they acquire or purchase another ticket;

    • 1.4 – Any refund solicitation will always follow our Refund Policy, stated below.


     2 – Changes:

    • 2.1 – Reservations can be changed once for free, then fees may apply;

    • 2.2 – Changes to a guest reservation are only possible until 3 days before the event;

    • 2.3 – Changes are only possible if the desired date is not sold out;

    • 2.4 – The new desired date has to be within 14 days of the original date.

    • 2.5 – If a guest booked a “ESN Student” ticket but fail to present a valid ESN Student card (with name and picture on it), the guest will have to pay the difference in price between the ESN Student ticket and the full ticket at the meeting point.


    3 – Cancellations from guests:

    • 3.1 – Guests are entitled to a 100% refund (minus a 1€ cancellation fee per person) if they cancel their ticket a week (or more) before the day of the event;

    • 3.2 – Guests are entitled to a 50% refund if they cancel their ticket between 72 hours and one week before the day of the event;

    • 3.3 – Guests are not entitled to a refund if the cancellation of their ticket is made within 72 hours before the day of the event;

    • 3.4 – Failing to comply with our Terms & Conditions stated in this document will not grant the guests any refund rights.


    4 – Cancellations from Out To Sea:

    • 4.1 – We will refund 100% or (to the best of our ability) reschedule all guests if the event has to be cancelled due to reasons outside of our control, such as bad weather, boat problems, or any other issue that may compromise the safety of our event. 

  • 5 – Entry Policies:

    • 5.1 – Only sealed water bottles can be brought onto the boat, outside alcohol is not allowed;

    • 5.2 – Outside alcohol can be handed in before the event and will be returned at the end of the event;

    • 5.3 – If a guest is caught with outside alcohol on board, it will be confiscated by the personnel and not returned at the end of the event;

    • 5.4 – It is mandatory that every guest follow instructions from the Out to Sea personnel when checking in for the event;

    • 5.5 – It is mandatory to present a purchased ticket before boarding. An ID may be asked to be presented at any stage of the event;

    • 5.6 – Overly intoxicated guests will not be allowed to access the event and will have their tickets cancelled without refund rights.

    • 5.7 – Check in closes at 2:50pm, we reserve the right to resell and/or disallow entry to you if you do not check in by this time without any prior notification.


    6 – Bar Policies:

    • 6.1 – Onboard personnel have the right to deny drinks to any guest if they feel it may compromise the safety of the guest or any other guest in any manner;

    • 6.2 – ID may be asked to be presented at any time of any purchase made on board if the buyer looks under 25 years of age, in order for the personnel to ensure that the buyer is over the legal drinking age (18).


    7 – Liability Policies:

    • 7.1 – Everything inside (and including) the boat is Out to Sea property;

    • 7.2 – Guests will be held responsible for any damages done to Out to Sea property;

    • 7.3 – Guest(s) responsible for any damage to Out to Sea property will be financially charged according to the financial prejudice;

    • 7.4 – If a guest refuse to pay for damages done to any Out to Sea property, Out to Sea personnel will refer to local enforcement;

    • 7.5 – Any item belonging to a guest found after the event will be kept for 7 days;

    • 7.6 – Out to Sea can not be held responsible for any item lost by a guest during an event and not found by the personnel while cleaning the boat.



    8 – Content Policies:

    • 8.1 – By purchasing a ticket, guests are giving Out to Sea and their personnel the right to use any content created during the event such as photos and videos to promote the brand and future events on the company’s website and social medias;

    • 8.2 – If a guest feels offended or wants to remove their image from any clips, stories, photos, or any other content created during the event, they can request the item be removed at .

  • 9 – Entry & Venue Policies:

    • 9.1 – Out to Sea will not be held liable if a guest is denied entry to the after-party due to excessive intoxication, bad behaviour, or failure to arrive at the time specified;

    • 9.2 – Because the after-party is not owned by the Out to Sea company but by a third party, Out to Sea cannot be held liable for anything that occurs within it.

    • 9.3 – Once inside the after-party, the venue’s Terms & Conditions apply.

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