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Image by Marco Mons

Why You Should Book Out To Sea Split for A Boat Party

You may or may not know this, but Croatia has some of the wildest boat parties in the world! When looking at which company, it might be hard to decide because there are a few options, but rest assured, we are here to tell you about the largest and wildest one. The best boat party to go with is called Out To Sea Split. Read more to discover why people come worldwide to join this specific one.

Welcome to Out To Sea Split, the largest and wildest boat party in Split, Croatia

Ok so let's break down a few reasons why this is the best option for your unforgettable holiday.

1. Out To Sea has the largest boat in Croatia

Having one of the largest boats to party on comes with many perks you don't get with some of the other companies. For example, the boat has multiple bars with an extensive menu to select from. That means less time waiting and more time partying. Because the boat is so large, it means the boat holds the most amount of party people. It is a party; we would rather party with 200+ wild people instead of 60.

2. most affordable prices for a boat party

Traveling can be expensive, so we are all in if there are ways to cut costs while having fun! Out To Sea has the cheapest ticket prices out of all the other boat parties in Split. Another perk we love is that they also accept credit cards. Most companies in Croatia only accept cash, and there aren't exactly atm's in the middle of the Sea. It's convenient to not worry about having enough cash and only worrying about which drink you want. This company also has more affordable drink prices than other companies in town.

3. Blue Lagoon Swim Stop

Some Split excursions can be expensive since the Blue Lagoon is a popular destination. You can cut that cost in half and join a boat party, getting an epic day tour and a wild party on the Adriatic Sea. It's truly a win/win in our eyes!

4. You get free VIP club entry

Here's another way to save and another fun bonus this company does. With your wristband/ticket purchase, you will be able to get access to one of Split's largest nightclubs. Other companies we found mention this but don't have any partnerships with the local clubs, so you might find yourself stuck outside with no plan.

5. The company knows how to throw a party

This company is run by party people from all over the world, bringing their expertise, whether it's drinking games, music, or beer bongs. You're in for one wild day! Another thing we love is how they have a team on the boat, ensuring everyone is enjoying themselves. This also includes solo travelers. If someone is alone or having a hard time, someone is always walking around to ensure you're ok.


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