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Image by Marco Mons

Street Food in Split

Updated: Apr 22

While Croatia as a whole is known for their many meat and fish dishes, they also have some really unique and tasty street food locations spread around the city. A much quicker and sometimes cheaper option if you need to line your stomach before a big night or something greasy to help wipe away that hangover, Split has it all!

Funky George

A personal favourite of ours, Funky George is famously known for its cured beef sub which is why it shares a name with the restaurant itself. They have a simple but effective food menu full of items like smash burgers, subs, fries, onion rings and other fried foods. A good option and usually takes only a few minutes once ordered to have it in your hands ready to consume on the go.

If you find yourself passing by in the evening, you will find it will be busy with locals and tourists alike drinking their range of local beers and many, many types of rakija. Both are probably some of the cheapest options for drinks you’ll find within the old town. They also have challenges you can enter and participate in to get your photo on the wall.

Old House Street Food

Another location set just on the edge of the palace that tempts us every time we walk past their restaurant is Old House Street Food. This one being very well known as it also sells through food delivery apps like Wolt. A larger menu with more of a range of food choices available including wings, tortilla’s and your usual fried food but with a twist. A good choice if you’re wanting something on the go without having to side step your way through the massive crowds in the palace.

Popeye (Popaj) Fast Food

Now we wouldn’t say that Popaj, no not the huge American chain (we wish) is necessarily considered to sell street food as such but they do have a substantial fast food menu with almost any food you can think of. Sometimes we are a little confused by the hours that they are open but the service you experience here cannot be found any quicker anywhere else in town. They have everything ranging from pizza to sandwiches to steaks and cevapi, a real jack-of-all-trades.

Personal favourite would have to be the Piletina Pikant (Spicy Chicken Sandwich), it’s literally under five euros and you can add as many toppings as you like.

Disclaimer: The writer of this blog LOVES spicy food and Funky George and Popaj both offer a variety of hot sauces, try them if you dare.


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