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Best Areas To Stay In Split, Croatia

Coming to Split and trying to figure out where to book your accommodation? It’s not always easy and there are a bunch of recommendations online that will all tell you different things Split is very concentrated but also things to do are very spread out and not always easy to access. There is also the decision of what type of accommodation you should book for yourself and your friends; hostel, hotel, guesthouse, airbnb, or something else! Lucky for you we have blogs on all these options, but coming up now are our personal recommendations for which location is best for your stay depending on which type of trip you’re coming for.

 Split Centre/Old Town

Staying near the centre of town is generally everyone’s first choice as the Old Town basically offers everything you need to enjoy your holiday. You have restaurants, bars, nightclubs, beaches and tourist hotspots all within walking distance. However, expect to pay premiums on everything near the centre, especially accommodation. And also expect to not have peace and quiet all night long as the centre is a lively and bustling place that experiences a lot of foot traffic all hours of the day and night. These also include areas like Spinut, Varos and Marjan.

Renting a villa outside of Split

If you’re planning a trip to Split with a large group, whether that be a group of friends or an organised group from a school, university, work or sporting team; a villa sometimes works out to be the best option as it can accommodate higher numbers than traditional locations in town. Also, these will be much more modern, sometimes even having your own private pool, sauna, backyard, and tennis/basketball courts which can be a great way to spend downtime as a group.

Villa’s like the ones described above are generally best found on the Airbnb app and you should always get in contact with the owners to negotiate any specifics you might require as organising vacations for large groups is never easy. Common areas for accommodation like this are usually found in places like Kastela, Solin or south beyond Podstrana/Stobrec.

Staying in the suburbs

There are many other affordable options and locations scattered all across Split and its surrounding areas that are great for all sorts of tourists. You have locations like Podstrana/Stobrec as mentioned above that are small but lively areas that are considered slightly more expensive and modern and is probably where the future development of Split will go. They offer their own beautiful and less crowded beaches and also have access to the whole southern coast of Dalmatia. If you can’t find anything here there are also locations all along the coast like Znjan (currently undergoing a lot of construction in 2024), Firule, and Bacvice which all offer a range of accommodation types. 

Depending on what you’re looking for, the best options to find anything to tailor to any group are probably:

Check out our other blogs for more specific recommendations from each of these websites above!


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