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3 Ways To Earn Money While Traveling!

Updated: Apr 22

Here are 3 ways you can earn money while traveling!

Are you looking to travel the world while earning a bit of money? Or maybe you're looking for free accommodation to cut costs down. Here are a few ways you can do just that!

A budget traveler exploring europe

Digital nomad culture has been growing rapidly over the past few years. We are so lucky to be in a time where working remotely is encouraged rather than frowned upon. This gives almost anyone the chance to get out there in the world and experience a new place. Whether it's a different city, country, or continent... you can do it!

Does your current job not allow this or are you looking to spice things up a little bit by quitting and trying something new? Whatever it may be here are three jobs you can do to get started today!


Worldpackers is an amazing platform that connects you to jobs all over the world. You can try working in reception at a hostel, working at a boat party, or even working on a farm in the middle of France. The possibilities are quite endless here and that is what draws thousands of members to join every year! Most experiences are volunteer or exchange for food and accommodation which covers most of the expenses while traveling.

Freelance websites

If you have a certain specialty such as copywriting, social media management, or even blogging you have a big advantage! Don't let this discourage you because all of these things you can easily learn! There are websites such as Upwork and Fiverr that are great for remote workers and have hundreds of new jobs every single day!

Seasonal jobs

There are plenty of seasonal jobs whether it's tropical vibes or ski season! If you're interested in traveling to a certain country, ask around and see what jobs are available. You can reach out to certain companies via their websites or social media accounts. For example, Out To Sea Split in Split Croatia is a seasonal boat party company that always looking to hire promoters from all over the world!


Regardless of what you pick, know that getting out of your comfort zone and experiencing a new culture is one of the best things you can do! To experience new languages, people, and food is to live life! As always, safe travels and good luck!

"If you really want to learn about a country, work there." – Charles Kuralt


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