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Image by Marco Mons

Best Pub Crawls In Europe

Updated: Jan 25

If there's one thing backpackers love to do, it's join a wild pub crawl, and we can confirm Europe has some crazy ones! Whether you're 18 or 60, anyone can join one if you can hang. 

With a team of international travelers who know how to throw a party or two, we asked for the biggest and baddest pub crawls around Europe. This is what we have… 

  1. Split After Dark- OK, this is a twist on the traditional pub crawl because it's a boat crawl. Yeah, you heard that right! It's like a pub crawl, but one of the venues is a massive boat holding over 200 people. There are multiple venues; each venue, you and your friends receive a free shot. Talk about a night you'll never forget (or remember if you do it right)

  2. Rising Cock Pub Crawl- Everybody loves a good hostel pub crawl, but imagine an entire hostel joining in. That's right, this wild party hostel (I mean, read the name) hosts free pub crawls every single night. The best part? They attend different bars every night, depending on which is the best. No two nights are the same! This one is not for the faint-hearted. 

  3. Prague Pub Crawl - Claiming to be Europe's biggest pub crawl, they know what they're doing. Prague is known for its nightlife, so we know this is a good one to add to your pub crawl bucket list! You get many perks, including free drinks at the first bar, a free shot at each venue, and a VIP pass to a hot nightclub. Sounds like a steal to us!

  4. Generation Pub Crawl- If we know one thing, the Irish know how to drink! When we think of Ireland, we think of … well, beer, of course! Why not skip, hop, and black out while traveling in Dublin? You can do just that with Generation Pub crawl with free Guinness, free shots, drink discounts, free VIP entry to a club, and live music. Brb, while we sign up!


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