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Image by Marco Mons

Where To Find Guinness On Tap In Split, Croatia

Updated: Apr 22

Are you looking for a proper Guinness while on holiday? Well, here you go, mate!

Let's be honest, nobody enjoys bottled or canned Guinness. We want the real thing from the tap. And we want a proper pour. However, that might be a challenge to find while on Holiday visiting new countries. Split, Croatia has a great nightlife/bar scene but not all of them might have what you're looking for. So we did the honor of going bar to bar to find Guinness on tap so you can spend less time on Google and more time getting drunk!

a cold glass of guniess next to a bowl of pretzels

1. The flag pub

Just a good 'ol reliable pub to sit with your friends and have a few pints. There are IPAS on tap also for those who are looking for something a little lighter. This bar also has an Irish theme so you just know they are serving quality Guinness. Tip: make sure you have cash, this is a cash-only pub.

2. Harats Irish Pub

This pub is always busy and full of fun people. Especially in the peak months, tourists love to come here as well as locals. It's a welcoming pub and 2 stories so there's plenty of seats for you and your friends.

3. No. 11

Not quite like the other Irish bars listed here but it's a great option if you're looking for a lighter place to drink with your friends. They also have great coffee and food options here.

4. O'hara's Irish Pub

Last one and of course it's also an Irish pub. O' haras is only a stumble away from Harats located right in the middle of town. It's super convenient and close to everything. This pub is quite small but always has a fun vibe much like the many bars in Split.

Maybe after this list, you'll be doing your self-guided pub crawl but if you're looking for something a little more wild you should try a famous Boat Crawl since it is Croatia, and we have the best boat parties in the world!


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