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Is Split, Croatia Safe To Visit?

Updated: Apr 22

A female exploring the city of Split, Croatia

How safe is Split, Croatia

Croatia in recent times has quickly become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, meaning that people who haven’t been before often are somewhat unaware of what to expect when visiting Croatia. With its turquoise waters, rolling mountains and terrain, incredible range of seafood and wildlife, and thousands of islands it’s no wonder it is one of the favourite locations of many travellers.

With that being said, how safe is Croatia and more specifically Split; Croatia’s second-largest city to visit?

Is Split safe to visit?

Split is considered very safe and has a very low crime rate so it is considered one of the safest destinations to visit in Europe. In fact, Croatia as a whole is considered to be the safest country in Europe, a recent poll suggests it got voted the Safest country to walk home at night, beating other knowingly safe countries like neighboring Slovenia and Iceland. 

Is Split safe for travellers?

Repeating what is stated before, Split is seen as one of the safest tourist destinations worldwide. The crime rate remains very low in comparison to other countries around Europe.

If you are travelling to Split either by yourself or in a group, caution is always recommended as there are always exceptions. It is highly recommended for foreigners to learn local laws and be courteous towards the locals that call Split home. As the high season approaches, so too do visitors from outside the country, and therefore tourists should always be alert, especially during the evening and in nightlife surroundings.

Are Split nightclubs safe?

As with any nightclub in the world, there are security, bar staff, bouncers, and many more people there doing their very best to keep all their guests safe and make sure everyone is behaving. Split nightclubs are traditionally safe venues. Caution is always recommended by anybody at night as small petty crimes like pickpocketing and money scams might take place but this is very rare.

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