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Image by Marco Mons

Best Nightlife in Split, Croatia

Updated: Jan 25

Thousands worldwide visit Croatia yearly for its famously known crystal blue waters, cotton candy sunsets, and excellent local food. However, have you heard about the nightlife? Split, Croatia has some of the parties around the world! Even Ultra Musical Festival agrees with us hosting events in Split yearly.

Here's a list of our favorite places to go out in Split to help you get the party started without the stress! 

  1. Split After Dark is a newer concept that's never been done in Croatia! A pub crawl with a twist, a "Boat Crawl." It's cheaper than any pub crawl in Split and way more fun if you ask us. Did we mention you also get free shots at every venue? Starting at a local bar for check-in, you receive a free shot followed by drinking games. Next, you board a boat for 2 hours to sail the seas and get LIT. The party doesn't stop here; after the boat party, the team escorts you to Split's best nightclub, where you get another free shot and dance until the sun rises. It is truly a unique experience! 

  2. Split has many nightclubs, but Bacvice is one of our team's favorites. Open late af you will be stumbling home that's for sure! This club will put a new meaning to an unforgettable vacation. You'll also find this club right on the beach, so you can convince the cutie from the club to join you for a swim. 

  3. Shotgun Bar is unlike many you'll find around Europe. It's a bar with only shots, but not the boring kind. Some even have flames and games you play to drink them. You can spin a shot wheel to pick a shot if you can't decide. There's nothing better than trying new things while getting drunk in the process! Unless it's work, don't get drunk and do that.

  4. Walking into Central feels like partying in Miami, with two floors filled with hundreds of people popping bottles and watching go-go dancers. This is the place to be if you want to party in Split. However, this club is one of the most expensive in town, so keep that in mind. 

Split, Croatia, has everything you need; if you're looking for places to eat, drink, or things to do, check out our other blogs for helpful tips from the experts!


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