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Cheapest Ways To Travel To Split, Croatia

Updated: Apr 22

It’s difficult to find the exact number of foreigners that visit Split each year but we can guarantee that it is definitely in the millions. While Croatia doesn’t compare to huge tourist destinations like Spain, France, and Greece; it is quickly growing to become one of the most sought-after holiday destinations in Europe. That being said, with increasing numbers of tourists, so too is the demand for transportation into Split and its surrounding cities.

Below we’ll add a few tips as to how to find your both equally cheapest and most comfortable routes travelling to Split, Croatia.

Travelling with Croatia Airlines 

Croatia Airlines is Croatia’s main carrier and has routes to all international and regional airports in Croatia. They fly all year round and are a very reliable airline to fly across the country. They also fly to busy locations in Germany and Switzerland directly from Split for those willing to visit in the colder months. The airline is no frills but it is very comfortable and will get you to where you want to go, however, they do have somewhat of a monopoly over the market in Croatia so sometimes it can be slightly pricey to travel by air with Croatia Airlines.

Flying from other countries first to Zagreb and catching a Flixbus or train from Zagreb to Split can often save an individual hundreds of Euros while not adding on too many hours to their total journey as flights from Zagreb to Split aren’t as frequent as one may think. This is best for travellers on a budget.

The flight with Croatia Airlines from Split to Zagreb (and vice versa) is super quick and by the time you’re cruising at altitude, the plane starts descending and you get to see an amazing view of the islands surrounding the Dalmatia Coast. So if you have a slightly bigger budget and a little less time then this is the recommended option.

Travelling with Turkish Airlines

Zagreb International Airport (Zračna luka Franjo Tuđman Zagreb) is a hub for Turkish Airlines, which considers itself the airline of Europe currently. 

If you are travelling from outside of Europe then you will often find that many flights will fly via Istanbul and will be with the carrier Turkish Airlines. Luckily they fly directly to Zagreb and generally for a very reasonable price and they are also one of the most comfortable airlines going around. Same as above, a Flixbus or train or even a separate booking with another airline will be required for the remainder of the journey to Split which means this will be a longer, potentially more expensive journey.

Travelling with Ryanair

Zadar International Airport (Zračna Luka Zadar) is the largest Ryanair hub in Croatia, in fact it has flights from 51 destinations, from 19 countries meaning Ryanair single-handedly was the lifeline that Zadar Airport needed after it closed briefly in 2007. 

Ryanair has changed tourism in Zadar, but that is a story for another blog; here we are now telling you another cheap way to get from any destination to Split, via Zadar. People bash Ryanair over their service yet continue to book affordable flights with them, and we don’t blame you.

For example: you could find a 40 Euro flight from the UK direct to Zadar first thing in the morning, catch a 20 Euro bus once you land and you’ll arrive at the port of Split by mid-afternoon. This potentially saves you a lot of money, money that can be spent on enjoying the holiday instead of just travelling from point to point. 

Travelling with EasyJet

The low-cost carrier EasyJet has many routes that connect Split with many locations scattered across Europe. Travelling directly to Split is the best way to save any traveller time on their holiday but might not necessarily be the cheapest option. However, as with any form of travel, if you book far enough in advance you should be able to find yourself a reasonably priced seat. From landing in Split, it will be a minimal cost to find your way into the city centre and your accommodation.

By comparing all three of these above routes, you should easily be able to find the most affordable and comfortable itinerary to suit any size group and budget.


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