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Image by Marco Mons

Where To Day Drink In Split

Updated: Apr 22

A group of friends day drinking together in the summer time

You're on vacation; you deserve a drink or two to celebrate, but you don't have to wait until midnight for your first drink. Split, Croatia, is a great place to day drink and people-watch, much like most of Europe, especially during the summer when it gets hot! 

Whether you're a brunch girl or looking for a cold beer, we have a list of some of the best places to day drink in Split.

Join a boat party- and get your day drinking done there! What better way to have a nice cold cocktail while sailing the Adriatic Sea and working on your tan? There's no better party than a day party. If this sounds like a fun day, check out our boat parties with Out To Sea!

Speaking of brunch, this is one of the more popular spots to grab a bite and drink. We love stopping here and filling our stomachs with good quality food before exploring the Old Town.  Kakantun- If you're looking for an excellent cafe to work in, you can grab a coffee or even a glass of wine for the same price. So naturally, we are going to grab a glass of wine. This bar also turns into a gin bar at night, so if that's your thing, stop here for one of the many gin cocktails.  Joes Beach Club- If you're looking for a nice beach club, this is one of the only ones in Split. The aesthetic and overall vibe brings you back to Tulum, making you want to grab a glass of cold Rose and dance by the DJ.


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