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Image by Marco Mons

Tips For Booking A Bachelor or Bachelorette Party In Croatia

Updated: Apr 22

So you're looking to book a Stag Do/Hen Do in Croatia..

Croatia has quickly become a hot spot for bachelor and bachelorette parties as it's relatively cheap and accommodating, making it an ideal location for a mixture of party and relaxation. Many companies offer to organize the full package for travelling groups which is great and means little stress, here we will also add some input on places you should add to your itinerary and things you should know before booking the trip, and also how to make the Stag/Hen’s day truly unforgettable.

Book everything in advance, months if possible

Split especially has become a huge hub for tourism and has a very high turnover of tourists, meaning that especially over the high season, activities tend to sell out very quickly. Some activities also only have very limited spaces so if organising for a group it is recommended to reach out in advance and make sure that the provider can accommodate a group of a specific size. Also by getting in touch with the provider directly, you may be able to use some negotiating skills to work out a discount for a larger group.

As each bachelor/bachelorette party usually has its own needs and requirements, so too do tour providers in Croatia and some companies have strict rules around accepting groups of these sizes.

Tour Providers/Activities that accept Stag/Hen Parties

Some places that accept Bachelor/Bachelorette parties with open arms are:

Boat Parties: Out to Sea Split Boat Party, I mean come on. Why wouldn’t we want these people to celebrate their special day with us? We offer incredible deals and packages to make their day even more special!

Bar Crawl/Boat Party: Split After Dark, again these guys know how to party and want everyone to have the best experience possible.

Adventure/Tour Companies: Split Adventure is ranked as one of the best companies in town with activities like rafting, canyoning, and more! Nothing better than getting physical and feeling like you’ve earned those wines you plan on downing later that evening. 

Restaurants: Fig, both in Split and Hvar have large dining areas and offer some of the best selections of food and drinks around and at incredible value.

Extra Information

Unfortunately with all these great recommendations, there are some negatives. A lot of party options in Split and surrounding towns don’t accept stag do’s especially due to the general nature of the groups which is unfortunate as we all have to do a stag/hen do at least once (I hope) in our lives! Best to be considerate of what each location’s rules are and honestly, that just means more for us ;)


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