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Finding Parking In Split, Croatia

parking in split croatia

Split is very European in the way that it is full of narrow roads with blind corners and has slowly become less and less accessible for drivers. In fact, in recent years the Palace has become a pedestrian-only zone, meaning there is an even lower presence of cars and parking in Split. Figuring this out as a tourist without knowing the rules of streets that are blocked for public transport can lead to hefty fines, so hopefully we can recommend some convenient and cheap parking spots if you decide to rent a car or even bring your own car on a road trip to Split!

Best Places to Park in Split

Stari Plac, Manerova, Vukovarska, and Trg Hrvatske bratske zajednice are the four most used parking lots for those people staying in and around the Old Town.

Parking at the ferry port is in the heart of town, only 200 meters from the centre of Old Town. It is about 50 meters from the ferry and it’s connected to both the buses and train station. All within a very convenient walking distance.

This parking lot is the nearest, safest, and most affordable option for parking cars and they are open to all sorts of vehicles parking in this space

Lastly, it is actually possible to park right on the Riva (the waterfront), however, the prices here are very high, especially over the peak season and while it is generally safe, they will also experience a lot of foot traffic walking past.

The best way to sort out all parking is obviously to plan ahead and figure out which option works best for you and as always, there is a website dedicated to Split City Parking by using your phone, the most convenient choice.

How to park in Split?

With its narrow streets also comes the added difficulty of some street signs being in the local language, not necessarily obvious to a foreigner visiting. It is recommended that you view online maps before arriving so you don’t get stuck going the wrong way down a one-way street or accidentally end up somewhere illegal.

There are three parking zones in Split. The first one is solely for residents, the second one is for short-term parking and the third one is for longer-term parking. The first step is to find a free space and then figure out which zone that lands in.

Parking Tips in Split

Not all parking spaces in town are monetized and only those marked in blue are paid parking. The majority of Split’s residential areas, especially those furthest from the Old Town, have their own free parking lots. But nearer to town they are harder to find.

Visitors staying in the Old Town who don’t plan to use their vehicles for more than a few days should consider keeping their cars or rentals parked for free outside of the Old Town.

Please make very sure that in whichever location you park your vehicle, it is not blocking pedestrian traffic or violating any traffic rules about illegal parking, or your car will be towed away and this is no cheap measure to fix, speaking from experience!


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