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Budget-friendly restaurants in Split, Croatia

Updated: Apr 22

Looking to grab a bite to eat in Split, Croatia but balling on a budget? Well, you've come to the right place!

We know traveling can be quite pricey, especially in the summer months during peak season here in Croatia. We also know your money could be going to more useful things like boat parties (wink wink) so if you're trying to save a little bit of money here are some places we like to go!

A fresh baked good with a bowl of strawberries and a cup of coffee

Sandwich Bar Rizzo

Rizzo subs make it first on our list not only because it's affordable but because it's super convenient for grabbing a bite on the go. It's like many sub-shops around the world where you have plenty of toppings in front of you and you just tell them what you want. Here you'll get quality subs for around 3-4€ each.

Fast Food Popaj

This restaurant is a personal favorite. The menu is extensive with pizza, cevapi, and the famously known chicken burgers. Everything you could want, they have it here and for a great price. This is more of a local fast-food joint so you won't be hit with hard tourism prices like other places in town.


Croatia is far from South America but this empanada spot might change your mind. There are so many different types of empanadas to choose whether you eat meat or are a vegetarian. (Side note- get the Sir Kapula, it's one of the best on the menu.)

Kebab city

Who doesn't love a good drunk kebab? We do! This hot spot is open late to cure all your cravings which is a bonus for sure. There are plenty of good kebab places around the city but this is one of the most affordable ones we've found.

There are plenty of places to fit everyone's budget while traveling to Split and we hope this helped you get an idea of a few. As always don't forget to check out our other blogs for budget-friendly places to stay and things to do!


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