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Image by Marco Mons

Best Beaches To Visit in Split, Croatia

Updated: Apr 22

Ok, Split isn't known around the world for its pristine beaches. Most beaches don't even have sand but rest assured we do have beaches and they are full during the summer months! Being a coastal town means the entire coast hugs the water. If you aren't going one of the many Blue Lagoon boat tours then you might find yourself wanting to take a dip in the sea. Here are a few popular beaches around Split that both locals and tourist love to sun bathe at.


Bacvice Beach

Bacvice Beach is the most popular beach to visit in Split. It's mostly popular because it's only a short 10-15 minute walk from the Old Town. It's a nice beach because it's very long and there are always plenty of places to sit and swim without feeling too packed. There are great shallow swimming spots to hang out and even mini-boat rentals. Hungry or Thirsty? There are tons of cafes and restaurants around to grab a bite to eat or a frozen cocktail.

Kašjuni Beach Split

Kasjuni Beach is a little bit further than Bacvice so it's not as busy. However, on this beach, you'll find Joe's Beach Club which is one of the only beach clubs in Split. You can rent day beds on the beach which is always a nice touch if you plan on spending the entire day there. In our opinion, this is one of the prettiest beaches to visit. Tip: save yourself the walk and get a quick uber.

Znjan Beach Split

Znjan Beach is a newly designed city beach. Even further from Split than the other two above, however, this beach has an ample amount of parking and options for accessibility versus the other beaches. Here there are plenty of beachside bars, entertainment, and activities for the family! Since this beach is further out of town you'll want to plan on Ubering or driving instead of walking.


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